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Plant a Tree with Greener Every Day

How can I plant a tree? 

Holding Plant

There are different ways through which you can make a difference and plant a tree.

Donation is one of these, for every £5 donated to Greener Every Day we will plant a native tree in the UK, thanks to kind and generous people like yourself. 

Another way of helping us is by adopting a tree; by doing this, we plant a native tree in your name and send you the coordinates of where its new home is. You can track it down and visit your tree whenever you like. Through this process you can  be reminded of the chance you have given your tree to succeed and be proud of it as it grows up and becomes a part of your family.

You are now able to offset your CO2 footprint using our CO2 offsetting page where you can calculate how many trees you need to plant to offset your carbon emissions. We can plant a tree or forest to help you help the environment. 

Memorial trees are a great way of remembering a relative or friend. This not only commemorates the person but also creates  a new habitat for communities of animals and the start for new life.

The Process of Planting a Tree...

Growing Plant

Planting a tree isn't as simple as it might sound, it all starts in Autumn the year before the seed germinates. We pick the seeds from the local forests and store them over winter. This way, their dormancy can break and they can begin to shoot after frost moves on. Once this process is complete, they will be planted in the ground to avoid the use of plastic pots when possible. Here they grow for some time until they are strong enough and ready to be moved onto one of our planting sites. This process is called transplantation. The seeds which have been growing for some time now are shaken from the ground without damaging their roots. A special machine is used to do this. This is all done during the tree's dormancy period or when it stops growing during winter, this is the safest time to do this for the tree. Next, the tree is transported to one of our planting sites which are analysed to home the right species of tree taking into consideration its surroundings, type of ground and effect they might have as natural flood defences.

Local volunteers safely and successfully transplant them into their new home. The volunteers make a small cross in the ground with a special spade and carefully place the sapling in the hole. Then the ground around it is sealed, and a biodegradable tree guard is put into place to protect the young tree from animals such a deer and rabbits. Once this process is complete, we leave the trees to settle in, checking on them regularly and making sure they are growing without any problems. The young trees will go onto absorb tons of CO2 over their lifetime. Securing a safe and healthy ecosystem for ourselves, animals and insects but also improving our air quality and in some areas acting as natural flood defences. As time goes on and the trees grow old, they will be individually examined and felled when mature enough to do so. This only applies to trees that are old and are at risk of naturally falling themselves. They will then be turned into furniture as well as other forestry products which lock in Carbon Dioxide in the wood for many years to come. If we do not do this, the tree will fall naturally, and as it starts to decompose on the forest floor, it will begin to release the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere which it has been locking in over its lifetime. 

Growing Plants

What Species can I Plant? 

This year we are focusing on planting English Oak trees as they are a hardy species and grow fast for a long time. They secure a home for many species of wildlife and produce large amounts of nuts which support the bottom of the food chain. We are working with foresters and environmental experts to determine what species we will plant in the future, taking into consideration what the tree is best at doing and where it will thrive. If you have a different species of native tree which you would be interested in planting please enquire via e-mail and we will do our best to help with this. 

Where Will My Trees be Planted? 

 The trees will be planted in one of our locations in the UK. If you are thinking about planting a tree with us and would like the tree to be  as close to home as possible please look at our news feed to view upcoming planting locations and events.

Plant Presentation

How Can I Make a Difference? 

You can make a difference by donating anonymously using one of our services featured below. 

Plant 1 Tree 

Plant 15 Trees

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Plant 50 Trees

Adopt a Tree

Adopting a tree means that you can have the opportunity of giving a new life that will grow on with you. When using this service you will be able to name your tree and once it has been planted we will send you its coordinates. This way you can visit the new member of your family when you like. Please fill in an adoption form below and then press the donate button.

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Memorial Trees 

A way of remembering a friend or relative for many years to come. When planting a memorial tree you let a new journey of life begin for many living beings. Once planted and the engraved plaque is in place we will send you the tree's coordinates. 

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