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Offset your carbon footprint with Greener Every Day

The Maths Behind Co2 Offsetting

This calculation shows Co2 absorption of English Oak trees as a means so your company can have an accurate base, from which you can work out the amount of trees needed to be planted to counteract your emissions. A useful starting point is a general rule that, in most organic matter, about 60% of the dry matter (DM) is carbon (C). An oak tree that is 100 years old might have a total weight of about 10 tons and be 25% water. It would have 7.5 tons of DM and 4.5 tons of C. Then the C is converted into CO2. This is done using some basic chemistry. The atomic weight of C is 12 and the atomic weight of O is 16, so a molecule of CO2 has an atomic weight of 44, this is multiplied by the weight of C by approximately 3.7 which will equate to the weight of CO2. The 4.5 tons of C in the Oak tree has required the sequestration of 16.5 tons of CO2. Spread over 100 years, which gives you an average of 165kg CO2 per year. Therefore using our research it shows us that it would take an Oak tree a mean of just over 6 years to absorb 1 ton of Co2. 

E.G If your company produces 5 metric tons of Co2 per year you would need to plant 30 English Oak trees that year to be carbon neutral.

Much more than just offsetting carbon the trees planted will have a strong impact on the environment for all living creatures in the area as well as ourselves, you can find out more about what your trees will do on our about us page. 

If you are thinking about getting your staff to help do their bit, come to a company planting day! We will invite you and your staff to plant your trees close to home. 

Once the trees are planted you will receive a certificate that you can be proud of. This explains how many tons of Co2 you have offset and is proof that your company has taken steps to be more environmentally friendly. 

If you would like to find out how many trees you will need to plant to offset your carbon emissions please use the calculator below to get an idea of this. Please don't hesitate to contact our general office for more information and to find out what the next steps are. 

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