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Whats been happening at GED?


We are officially a registered charity in Scotland under the SC050040 charity registration number. We have submitted all of the required documents and forms to the charity commission and are awaiting the decision on our registration in England and Wales. The CC has been extremely helpful and supportive in the process of application and we are sitting tight and waiting for the crucial decision. If registered we will be acting as two separate legal entities, GED Scotland and GED England & Wales. 


Our Event at Solfest

In August 2019 the GED team held an event at a Cumbrian festival near Silloth. The public and Solfest team made us feel very welcome and showed masses of support in what we were doing. Furthermore, 100’s of English Oak trees where bought, many donations made and 33 trees adopted! Each tree will be planted in 2020 once its roots are established, each named and cared for. Once they are planted each every new parent out there will get an email with the coordinates of their tree sapling. One that will grow with time to help secure a stable environment for future generations. 

We are now working with Sustainable Carlisle and Diggin The Trees!

 We are very happy to announce that we are working with these two dedicated organisations to support each other and do our best to plant more native trees in and around Cumbria. Including the much-appreciated help they provided us with during the Workington Transport planting near Penrith. Here  250 English Oak Trees were planted in a single day!

The Common Thread Group

This inspiring organisation which provides safe homes for children in care all across Scotland has been provided with English Oak Grow Kits for all of their 42 homes across Scotland, from Inverness to Dumfries. These grow kits along with educational talks will promote the environment to the children in a fight for a better future. Thank you to TCTG you are doing a great job!

Support from Cumbria County Council

This organisation has helped us greatly in getting to where we are today. They have given us access to a generous grant which has let us carry out the acorn picking competition in Penrith. Resulting in around 5000 acorns being planted this Spring of 2020. 

Workington Transport Offsetting their Carbon Footprint. 

Workington transport are working with us to offset their Carbon Footprint and carry on their work in an environmentally friendly way. They have adopted 250 English Oak trees which will be planted in the coming weeks and have donated to Greener Every Day generously. These trees have been successfully planted near Penrith and will offset 40 tons of Co2 over their lifetime.

The Penrith school's acorn picking competition. 

We have been working with schools in Penrith, Cumbria, on an Acorn picking competition. The pupils have picked thousands of acorns. The winning school will be announced when it is safe to do so. They will receive a trophy and an educational talk on the importance of trees as well as the effect of climate change will be delivered. As a thank you gesture to all the schools who got involved, we have been working with the Eden District Council on finding a location to plant Oak trees in the school names. This event will be carried out by the end of this academic year and a representing pupil from each school that shows specific interest in the project will be invited to plant the sapling. We would like to update everyone that we have planted around 5000 Oak seeds this Spring of 2020.

Carbon Offsetting 

We are now ready to welcome companies to help us offset their carbon footprint. Planting as many trees as are needed to offset each companies carbon footprint or in some cases make them carbon neutral. 

Greener Every Day is the trading name of Greener Every Day Scotland (SCIO) which is a charity registered in Scotland with registration number SC050040. All text and images are copyright 2020 by Greener Every Day Scotland (SCIO). All rights reserved.Greener Every Day is the trading name of Greener Every Day Scotland (SCIO) which is a charity registered in Scotland with registration number SC050040. All text and images are copyright 2020 by Greener Every Day Scotland (SCIO). All rights reserved. To view our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions please click here.