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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How did GED get started?
    Greener Every Day begun its jurney in Penrith, Cumbria. As a dream based on the founders passion for conserving the environment and love for mother nature. Seeing her neglected and unwell, he decided to orgonise the planting of trees in he's local area, as a small gesture to protect the planet that raised him. With the vision of making a difference to the enviroment. Soon he's actions were noticed and people started to help him make this vision a reality. Today we have a strong team of trustees who work in several areas of the UK to conserve and re-build our home. The sky is the limit with supporters like you!
  • What is a CIO and a SCIO?
    A CIO or a Charitable Incorporated Organisation is a legan structure that a charity can take on, it not only alowes it to carry out its charitable objectives but helps it to do so. It does this by allowing the organisation to enter comercial contracts, employment agreements, buy property or land and more. In essence the charity is not only a chairty but functions as a company also, one that is registered with The Companies House but also the Charity Commision. An SCIO is a Scottish Charitbale Organisation, it is similar but goverend by OSCR the Scottish Charity Regulator and is also govered by a scottish constitution and therfore it opperates under scottish law.
  • How is GED managed?
    Greener Every Day is directed by a board of trustees who all collectively came together with a simmilar passion for conserving the enviroment and fighting different problems we face today as a society. All bringing different experinace and skills to the organisation. Furthermore the management of the organisation is carried out by the general manager and volunteers from across Cumbria and Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Is Greener Every Day a registered charity?
    Greener Every Day at this time is oporating as an unregistered chrity in England and Wales. All documents required for registeration have been subbmitted to the Charity Commision and we are awaiting the decission which is being made. On the ther hand we are a fully registered charity in Scotland under the charity number SC050040.
  • What does GED do?
    Greener Every Day plants trees. This is one deed which is a medicine for many problems we are facing today. It helps us improve and releif many aspects of the evniroment which are an issue. As time goes on we want to; decrease deforistation; releif the spread of woodland disease; releif global warming; reduce flooding; reduce the effects of noise and air pollution; improve the levels of biodiversity; advance the protection of endangered species and improve the general publics overall webeing. We undarstand that these are areas we need to challenge but we also understand that educating the next generation is a big area which effects everything we are doing. By improving the knowlage of the young minds in the UK we hope to target all these problems for the future.
  • How can I get involved?
    If you have been thinking about doing something more then donating to support our goal of conserving nature. Such as giving up your time to make a difference. Please enquire via email or visit our "join us" page for more information. We welcome people from all walks of life who want to make a change.
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