About GED

In a Nutshell 

GED is a charity that plants native trees to fight climate change, offset carbon emissions, improve levels of biodiversity, fight woodland disease, improve peoples wellbeing and build natural flood defences.

Our Goals, our Passions and our Mission. 

Greener Every Day (GED) is devoted to making the world a healthier and greener place for everyone to enjoy. We aim to do this through reforestation (planting lots and lots of trees) and education (simple everyday actions can have big impacts). Planting trees can help alleviate many problems that we are struggling with today as a society, for example, the release of CO2 emissions and flooding. Though education ensures that the mistakes of our past are not repeated.

We want to create as many volunteering opportunities as possible for people to get involved with where they can connect with the outdoors and other like-minded individuals. In an environment where they can nurture their enthusiasm and passion for nature. Whether they already have this passion flowering or we help the seed that's already in them to grow. We are also providing information to the public, through leaflets, events and educational talks. To inform people of the problems we and future generations will face if we don't begin to act now. We are structuring our public awareness campaign in collaboration with other organisations, the Government and leading environmental scientists.

One of the charitable aims of GED is to grow broadleaf forests in the UK such as Birch (Betula), English Oak (Quercus robur) and many more in future plants. Currently, we have access to many native species. However, we are focusing on the most robust but fast-growing species to target our impact. These not only ensure survival but also intake high amounts of CO2 from our atmosphere. If we plant each species in collocation with their environment and what the species is best suited for. We ensure this by analysing grounds which we will plant on and choosing the best-suited species for the area. The trees will be planted on land that is donated or permission to plant has been given from the Council, the National Trust, or private land owners. We do this in an aim to fight and reduce the problems which we face today.

One of the problems we struggle with today is air pollution. Trees play a vital role in purifying the air in which we breathe, this plays a vital role in our survival. They do this by absorbing Co2 and releasing Oxygen so the more trees, the cleaner the air. 

Deforestation is having a drastic, dangerous and depressing impact on our planet and the environment which is so dear to us all. With millions of trees being cut down every year to meet different industry demands, and with only a small percentage of them being re-planted, there has been a staggering decrease in biodiversity. Many plants and animals are under threat from losing their homes or already have done, many are facing extinction. We want to help protect these species and their homes. We do this by planting forests which provide a healthy environment for them to thrive in.

Woodland disease is also a significant threat to the forest's inhabitants and the forest itself, with much of the UK affected. We want to help to restore this. Ensuring the biggest impact possible by working with other national charities, trusts and experts in the field.


When directing our attention to a more local level, we know that Cumbria has a big problem with flooding. We want to help to address this by building natural flood defences in the form of forests- planned in strategic locations where they can best fight this problem. Taking knowledge from studies in Wales and England that have confirmed that large amounts of trees on fells significantly reduce the amount of water that flows into streams and rivers. They naturally absorb water through their complex root network which can contribute up to 100 gallons of water per tree, per day. This incredible result is achieved once the tree has fully grown or is about 18'' in diameter, when working with English Oak. We know that our organisation can help to reduce this problem in the coming years and we strive to do so.

By networking with other local organisations, experts, and communities, we want to stand up against climate change and the problems that come with it. Not only for ourselves but for the many endangered species of animals and generations to come. With your help and our dedicated team, we can fight this problem and carry on further afield. The world needs all the hard-working charities, volunteer groups, companies as well as individuals. Who are making a difference and will work together to solve this global crisis. 

We are a registered charity in Scotland (Greener Every Day Scotland - SC050040) based in Dumfries and Galloway. We are also operating as a non-profit organisation in England and Wales based in Cumbria. This organisation is en route to becoming a charity itself under the name ''Greener Every Day England''. Please support us in our journey for change. 

The Team who Make it all Happen 

Cez Flak 

Wetheral Me..jpg

Hi! I’m Cezary and I am the founder and managing trustee of Greener Every Day. I was born in the Voivodenship of upper Silesia in Poland and I came to the UK with my family at a young age. I decided to start this organisation because of my love and passion for nature and the environment we owe so much to. When I moved to an urbanised area of the UK, I could really see the overwhelming effects we,  as a species, are having on our environment. GED and I have a mutual goal, which is to create a stable and healthy environment for us all, whilst improving the climate.

I would like to make use of any skills, experience and training I have in to building GED's projects and giving the CIO momentum.  I am also still learning myself, so I will be developing myself as we go along. I am lucky to have found knowledgeable and enthusiastic trustees to help me along the road. I am currently devoting all my free time to GED alongside studying. I have a background in managing catering operations and qualifications in both Art and Design and Business. I hope to be successful in driving GED onwards and upwards. 

Gabriel Pickering

Hello, my name is Gabriel.

I’ve joined G.E.D to try and do my bit and make a change to help the environment in my own little way. I will be working as deputy treasurer with my main role being fund-raising director, working with the team, volunteers and public to raise money in a green way, to fund future projects for greener every day. 

greener_everyday_logo_redrawn_vector_ PNG.png

        Luke Whittle 

IMG-6240 (1).JPG

Hi, I’m Luke, I have had the pleasure of spending the majority of my life, living within the Lake District. I connect highly with nature and enjoy the benefits that can be gained from it, it is so important to conserve the beautiful landscapes that surround us and to start taking actions that will improve it further. I am a chef by trade and have worked in Michelin kitchens, from this experience I have gained a lot of knowledge in regards to event planning and also have access to some great contacts within this field which will help with fundraisers and events that GED may hold. I love the Lake District for what it has to offer from hiking up fells to swimming in meres and so much more, so to be part of an organisation which is working to conserve and develop the natural beauty of it, is a big thing for me, can’t wait to see what GED will achieve.

Alan Peter 

Alan Photo.jpeg

"Hi, I'm Alan. I am the treasurer and a trustee of Greener Every Day and I love what the organisation is aspiring to achieve. I enjoy nature and I recognise the importance of protecting and preserving it.Trees in particular play many vital roles within our ecosystems and deserve more support and recognition; for example, CO2 reduction.

After living and working in Cumbria for over 20 years, I now look forward to helping Greener Every Day meet its goals and objectives from a financial perspective, thus giving our future generations the opportunity to enjoy what our planet has to offer."


Josh Bryan

Hello there, I'm Josh and I am a trustee and the Charity Secretary of GreenerEveryDay. I am currently studying LLB Law and I love the outdoors. I have been lucky to have lived in the Lake District most of my life and have been able to connect with nature and see how beautiful and magnificent it is. I joined GreenerEvery Day because I believe we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our woodlands and environment not only for ourselves but for future generations to be able to experience it as we have, to enjoy it. I would like to contribute the skills and experience I have attained to help GreenerEveryDay's mission to combat CO2 emissions and preserve the amazing planet we have been given.


Phillip Sage

"Currently I am a forestry lecturer at SRUC, Barony where my primary interests are in the field of forest ecology, sustainable management, and natural resource and ecosystem management. I am also co-director of Portable Ecosystems, where my role within the company is overseeing the company’s development of portable urban green infrastructure, including the development of interactive remote fertigation systems based on traditional irrigation systems.


I have a background working both in the UK and the Philippines, specialising in silvicultural management and ecological engineering. This has included sustainable development, managing community-based forest management, livelihood development, government advisory roles, flood mitigation, and traditional forest practices.  In addition, I have wide experience as professional trainer and educator working in both higher education and the commercial sector in the UK and Philippines."

Our Philosophy 

We believe that by planting more forests we can bring people closer with nature. This way we can improve our overall well-being and secure a stable future and safe environment for all. In this future we can all enjoy nature at its best.  

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